How to Use

The Journey to Biblical Manhood (JBM) consists of 12 Challenges that help men grow in different areas of their lives. Each challenge is broken down into five major strides:

The length of these strides may vary according to your church’s calendar, the length of the curriculum you choose, how long you need to promote and invite men to your Create Value step, etc. But generally, a church would complete one or two challenges in the span of a year.

For the overall level of planning, we offer three main options for each challenge:


We choose the event and curriculum for you. Every step is already mapped out to save you time and work, with limited flexibility built in.


We recommend various events and curriculums, and you choose what to use. This option provides more flexibility than Run the Play, but still walks you through the process.


You design your own challenge, starting from scratch. We provide guidelines and support along the way.

For every challenge, we provide detailed checklists and timelines, instructions for promoting events and getting men into follow-up groups, downloadable templates and graphics, assessment tools, and more.

We also offer challenge-specific suggestions to get more men more involved in real, tangible ways – whether in groups, one-on-one, or individually. We call this the all-inclusive ministry approach, and it’s directly at the core of JBM.

You’ll set goals for each challenge with ALL the men in the church through the use of Faith & Life Objectives. These objectives are what you hope to accomplish in the heads, hearts, and habits (hands) of the men in the church. You’ll print them on business cards using our templates and distribute one to every man, demonstrating that where you’re headed on The Journey is about more than just a group study or an event. The template card for Challenge 1 is shown below:


In order to provide you with as much flexibility as possible, we provide an alternate theme, complete with downloadable logos. Instead of “The Journey to Biblical Manhood” or “The Journey,” you may choose to use the title “The Revolution” if that resonates with your men.